for Providers

tired of health insurance companies telling you what to prescribe?

Nearly all health insurance companies today have a vendor who provides medication therapy management services. This is for good reason. You have complex patients who take a lot of medications, prescribed by a lot of different providers, costing the healthcare system a lot of money.

Unfortunately, their approach is wrong. They don't know you or your patients. That is why it isn't helpful when you receive letters from these vendors telling you how to practice medicine.

We want to be your partner in managing those patients with the most complex medication regimens. To do this, we hire local pharmacists who are dedicated to your practice, get to know your patients and coordinate all communications through you.


You maintain complete control over your patients.


You have access to a clinical pharmacist who can help you stay current on the newest medications and latest guidelines.

All the benefits of a clinical pharmacist, without the payroll.

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