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Our Services


Rx 360° & Rx180°.

We help doctors manage those patients with the most complex pharmaceutical regimens.


Our experienced Medication Management team will sit down with your patients to review all of their medications, ensuring that they understand how to take them just the way you want them to. 

We believe it is vitally important to have a relationship with the patient. That is why we leverage world class technology and home visits to allow our pharmacists into the patient's home whenever possible. 


When we are done, we will provide a comprehensive summary of our findings to the provider and health plan and be available for follow up consultations.

We will also follow up with your patients periodically to be sure they are adherent to their drug regimen and answer any questions they have.


Meds Made Easy.

Our Medication Management team makes it easier for patients to navigate the complex world of prescription drugs  and stay adherent to their medication regimen. 

With Bridgewell as a partner, patients will understand the difference between formularies, deductibles, copays, and coinsurance so that they can get the most out of  their complex pharmacy benefits.

We will also work with the patient's health insurance company, pharmacy benefit manager and pharmacies to synchronize all of their medication refills so that they no longer have to stand in line at the pharmacy multiple times each month.

Formulary Adherence

Formulary Adherence & Value Optimization (FAVO).

Bridgewell pharmacists will work with doctors and patients to improve formulary adherence with preferred products, driving revenue back into the healthcare system. 


Health plans and pharmaceutical companies work diligently to incentivize preferred products through benefit design and formulary development, but it is still confusing for patients and providers to stay current with all the changes and variations.

By developing an intimate relationship with providers, patients, and health plans, we are uniquely positioned to move market share to preferred medications, driving value for the healthcare system.


Consult Rx.

Our experienced clinical pharmacists will ensure that you stay at the top of your game with current knowledge of new medications and industry best practices.

Pharmaceutical costs & innovation continue to drive overall costs upwards of 25% of total healthcare spending. Managing this risk is a complicated business requiring highly technical expertise & training.


Our pharmacists are here to provide expert consultation on formulary development, benefit design, rebate negotiation, 340B revenue optimization, clinical workflow design, pharmacy program compliance, PBM contracting, health plan contracting, and pharmacy reporting & analytics.

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