Could you use a partner who understands pharmacy risk?

Rising medication costs, new technologies, increasing utilization, quality measures you don't control, overwhelmed providers...


As a health plan, your ability to manage pharmacy risk is directly impacted by the sophistication of your provider network.

At top tier, vertically integrated systems they are deploying clinical pharmacists to optimize medication regimens, keep providers informed of the latest guidelines, close clinical gaps in care, and ensure your members are taking the right medications.

Most provider groups can't afford a team of clinical pharmacists and your telephonic pharmacy outreach isn't improving outcomes.

We offer a new solution. Bridgewell pharmacists are hired locally, have close relationships with your providers and work with your most complex members so that we can provide more effective Medication Management services.


As experienced managed care pharmacists, you can trust us to close quality gaps in care and improve formulary adherence in order to drive health plan revenue.

You can have a provider network with the medication management expertise you need.

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