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About Us

Medical Professional



Bridgewell is a new type of clinical pharmacy services.

We employ Medication Therapy Management Teams in the communities we serve.

Our teams develop a relationship with the providers, patients, and health plans in each community to help improve the effectiveness of medications and reduce the unnecessary complexity of prescription drugs.

With decades of experience working in hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and health plans, our founders have a unique understanding of all aspects of the healthcare system and specific expertise in managing the overall cost-effectiveness of pharmaceuticals.

After spending many years in the current system of fragmented care, unnecessary costs, unfortunate side effects, and confusing benefits, we decided to provide a set of clinical pharmacy services that improve the lives of patients, help providers to practice better medicine, and lower the overall cost of healthcare once and for all.

Here's How it Works.


Partner with us for a transformed medication management experience.

Contact Us.

At Bridgewell we pride ourselves in being a local company. That is why we hire local clinical pharmacists and patient care advocates in each of the communities we serve. To reach your local team, feel free to call us at any of the numbers below:

Toll Free: 1 (800) 503-5722

Idaho: (208) 505-1179

Montana: (406) 552-1420

Oregon: (541) 512-4450

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