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5 Helpful Changes to Make this Spring

Spring Cleaning for Improved Health

Let’s admit it, we are all ready for a change. What better time of year than spring to push us toward making the changes we need. The pandemic has taught us how to be more introspective and self-sufficient, but with the lessening of restrictions and change in the weather, it’s time to embrace our freedom. These simple lifestyle changes can help us feel better, both body and soul.

  1. Get Out and Enjoy the Weather – Now is the time to make the most of what the season offers. We have been cooped up too long. Take a hike, boat ride, do some gardening or just take a quick walk. Not only does it make our bodies feel good, but it helps mental health as well.

  2. Declutter and Minimize – The change in seasons has always been the time for cleaning and organizing. Keep the tradition going strong by going through those closets, pantries and medicine cabinets. If you aren’t using it, get rid of it. Now is the perfect time to throw out the old or donate a trunkload to the local shelter or food bank. Giving back makes a person feel good.

  3. Change up your food choices - Spring is an excellent time to make some dietary changes. Think colorful, fresh, and light. Spring ushers in a time of farmers markets, fruit stands, and food trucks. It’s the perfect time to try new cuisine with interesting flavors and spices. Try to incorporate new food choices that are vibrant in color and fresh flavor. You will start feeling better, and your body will thank you too.

  4. Try something new - Since we have been locked down for what seems like a very long time, think about trying an activity you have only dreamed about. Give a new exercise class, garden club, or pet training class a try. Have you always wanted to learn to draw or to play tennis or golf? Trying new things helps our brain function better. It helps improve memory and concentration and helps us feel more satisfied. Now is the time to get out and try these activities. Remember there are hundreds of free classes available online.

  5. Get reconnected - The warmer weather provides a golden opportunity to spend time with friends and family. There are so many activities we have missed. We need time together to make our lives the best they can be. Have a neighborhood barbeque, play a little bocce ball, go to an outdoor concert, or plan a weekend getaway. Just enjoy time together; we are all healthier humans when we can connect with our loved ones.

Spring is the time for a fresh perspective. With longer days and better weather, all we need to do is take a step outside and enjoy this time of freedom. When we do, we will all be happier and healthier for it.

Dawn Schott, RPh


Bridgewell Medical

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