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for Employers

Who is managing your pharmacy costs?

You just want to keep your business running and your employees healthy, but the healthcare system is failing you.


Controlling drug costs is difficult, so your health plan outsources to a Pharmacy Benefits Manager. Unfortunately, neither of them can seem to control your pharmacy costs so they keep blaming your employees for taking too many medications and the pharmaceutical companies for creating too many new specialty medications.


Bridgewell pharmacists will work with you and your employees to do what health insurance companies, PBM's and providers are not.


We work in your community, with your employees to ensure that the right medications are being used at the right times, without the dangerous consequences of uncoordinated prescribing and without the heavy hand of formulary protocols.

We hire experienced clinical pharmacists who know how to analyze your pharmacy claims, understand your formulary, and get to know your employees so that we can help control pharmaceutical costs and keep chronic disease under control.

Bring in a real medication management partner to help you have a healthy & stable workforce.

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