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Team of Medical Professionals

for Accountable Care Organizations

What should you be doing to manage your pharmacy risk?

You have taken a huge step toward improving our healthcare system by aligning payment incentives with the delivery of services. If you are among the best ACO's in the country, you are now taking on two-sided risk and the last thing you want to do is write a check to Medicare or your private payer partners.


Most ACO's have deep experience developing provider networks, negotiating facility & professional contracts, and managing referrals; but, do you have the expertise to manage pharmacy risk?


As the single largest and fastest rising spend category, you should have a robust strategy to manage your pharmacy expenses.


Bridgewell pharmacists will work with your providers to do what health insurance companies have never done.


We work in your community, with your providers, and with your patients to ensure that the right medications are being used at the right times, without the dangerous consequences of uncoordinated prescribing.

We also have experienced managed care pharmacists who know how to analyze pharmacy claims data, optimize pharmacy networks, negotiate PBM contracts, improve manufacturer rebates, leverage 340B programs, navigate formulary changes, and optimize clinic workflow.

Stay on top of your risk contracts with an advanced medication management partner.

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